Does SONY manufacture a flat LCD TV?

Answer Yes, Sony most certainly produce and make flat lcd televisions. They come in an array of screen sizes. You can locate them at most electronic retail outlets such as Best Buy.

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Does Sony own or manufacture vizio?

NO, Sony makes the best TVs you can buy.

Does samsung manufacture LCD panels for Sony?

Yes they do, although that may change soon, see: Sony, like many other manufacturers use parts from others. It may... Read More »

Why does Sony manufacture its products in Japan?

Sony is a Japanese based manufacturing company of tech products. A little more than half of its output is in Japan, athough it does have sites in China and the U.S., among other countries.

Is a samsung flat lcd tv better than sony?

While there is some prestige value to owning a Sony over a Samsung flat lcd TV, as Sony flat lcd TV isn't a better TV. A Sony plasma TV is a better TV in some ways than flat lcd TVs, but the like p... Read More »