Does Ruby Reds really work?

Answer On One Hand: Many Healthy IngredientsRuby Reds is marketed as a vitamin supplement that "bridges the gap between the foods we normally like to eat and the nutritional intake we must have to stay he... Read More »

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Does FertilAid and fertiletea Really work and how long does it take to work?

I read on the website that it takes up to 3 months to work.. I start taking it 4/6/10 and i start feeling different after a few days of using it. Like my mood was more relaxed i was less moody. And... Read More »

Does my clean pc really work I seen it on t.v commercial does it really clean or does it make it worse ?

Actually they normally help in one aspect and hinder you in others. A Microsoft patch was implemented recently that caused Blue Screens of Death for a DOS fix. The fault was found to be programs li... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Simulated Ruby & a Real Ruby?

The ruby is one of the most valuable gemstones in the world, prized for its brilliant red color and rarity. It is also one of the most imitated, with stones such as tourmaline and garnet as well as... Read More »

Does Wen really work?

WEN is for ALL hair types. There are different formulas and each formula suits a different type of hair. I'm sure the creator of the product (the man you see in the commercials) know what type of h... Read More »