Does QuickTime slow down your computer?

Answer On One Hand: QuickTime Slows Down ComputersThe QuickTime movie player program has a tendency to slow down computers, especially PCs. The program uses about 10MB of system RAM; while this is not a v... Read More »

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How to Slow Down QuickTime Software?

The QuickTime video player is a free program that both Mac and PC users find appealing, thanks to a straightforward interface that doesn’t require any learning curve to use effectively. You can s... Read More »

QuickTime: How to Slow Down Audio?

The QuickTime video player is provided free of charge for both PC and Mac users. Audio can be slowed down to make it easier to analyze symphonic passages or to more clearly understand a speaker who... Read More »

My computer is slow, but i have used software to clean it, but it is still very slow, what else can i do ?

Do I need QuickTime on my computer?

On One Hand: QuickTime Can Be UsefulApple QuickTime is a multimedia player most widely used to play proprietary media types, such as .mov files. QuickTime is also used by professional media produce... Read More »