Does Photosynthesis Occur Only at Night in Cactus?

Answer Cacti often live in dry or arid climates where water is scarce. In order to survive, these rugged colonists have evolved special adaptations to deal with water scarcity. One of these adaptations is... Read More »

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Does photosynthesis occur at night?

Photosynthesis, the process by which plants create sugars and starches from sunlight, occurs only during the day. The word photosynthesis literally translates as "to put together with light." Howev... Read More »

What is necessary for photosynthesis to occur?

Sunlight, carbon dioxide and water are necessary for photosynthesis to take place. Photosynthesis is the process certain organisms, including green plants, use to convert sunlight and carbon dioxid... Read More »

In what organelle does photosynthesis occur?

Photosynthesis, the process in which plants and some bacteria use light to convert carbon dioxide into food, occurs primarily in the cellular organelle chloroplast. The chloroplast contains an inne... Read More »

Where does photosynthesis occur in cyanobacteria?

In cyanobacteria, photosynthesis occurs on special folds of the cell membrane, known as thylakoids. These are similar to the thylakoids of chloroplasts, the photosynthetic organelles of eukaryotic ... Read More »