Does Phoenix Wright have any siblings?

Answer Turns out to be that he is an only child.

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How to Win Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney?

Are you the type when you play Phoenix Wright, by the end of the first testimony you have one penalty left? Is the sound of Edgeworth's laughing at you mistakes driving you more insane then Matt En... Read More »

Did James Wright have any siblings?

if the girl is pregnant this could mean she is  in labor  needs to go see a dr ASAP if she is not pregnant some discharge is ok as long as it is not yellow green or wight

Who were Frank Lloyd Wright siblings?

John Lloyd Wright (1892 - 1972), the U.S. architect and toy inventor

Why are older siblings in the media always dumber than the younger siblings when in reality it has been proven that it is actually the other way around?

They happen to think that's its funnier that the one who should be more mature is less mature. I don't know if the part about younger siblings being dumber is true, but I know I am way smarter than... Read More »