Does ParetoLogic Antivirus Plus slow down your computer?

Answer On One Hand: Not ParticularlyParetoLogic Antivirus Plus promises to block invaders and maintain the cleanliness of a computer's hard drive. Like all antivirus programs, ParetoLogic slows down your ... Read More »

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Does Norton Antivirus slow your computer down?

Yes, it made my computer very slow and unstable. It wiped out all of my email also. You should remove it immediately. I highly recommend McAfee. Your computer will not slow down, and it is very saf... Read More »

I want an antivirus that do not slow down my Ativius slows down my pc upto 30%?

Best AVs on the market (as an IT and digital arts teacher, have given most a run for their money)Free - AVG (better than many paid-for AV's)Paid-for: Symantec Corporate (is available to anyone via ... Read More »

Which antivirus dont slow pc answer and win 10 points?

NO Definite Answer.=Interaction of an anti-virus with other software and events on your PC will affect speed.

My computer is slow, but i have used software to clean it, but it is still very slow, what else can i do ?