Does Panasonic make a 50 inch HDTV?

Answer Panasonic produces a few 50" HDTV, including models in their Viera line. These TVs can be found at many major electronics retailers, both online and brick-and-mortar.

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How to Clean a Panasonic 32-Inch LCD HDTV?

Panasonic makes a number of television sets, including a 32-inch LCD high-definition television. This HDTV is costly, and requires the proper care so you can get the most use out of the TV. You can... Read More »

What are the Remote codes for Panasonic hdtv?

SInce the Bose uses an RF (radio frequency) remote, and the TV is most likely IR (infra red), you will have to use the IR extenders that came in the box, plug into the IR port on the head, and poin... Read More »

Do you think a $20 19 inch Panasonic TV from Goodwill is an ok price?

Good deal and at Goodwill if they say it works and it doesn't you can return it and get your money back!

Is it worthwhile to repair Panasonic 36- inch tau tv?

Depends would it be cheaper to buy a new one or to fix it?