Does Owen die in torchwood?

Answer Yes, twice actually. first he is shot and killed then he is brought back to life. But then he is killed again.

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In the pilot episode of Torchwood what name does Owen Harper daringly use to order the Torchwood team's pizza under?

Does Owen Harper Die In Torchwood?

Yes he died in the same episode as Toshiko preventing a nuclear meltdown in the last episode of the last series.

Is Owen Harper from Torchwood coming back?

No, he's dead, for sure this time. Quoted from Wikipedia: "Toshiko is dying from a gunshot wound, and she and Owen spend their last minutes lamenting on never having gotten together."

What is the whole Owen Harper and jellied eels thing about which Torchwood episode is it from?

its in the episode Combatweevils (their main alien) are being taken and Owen has to go to pretend to buy aplace where they found a dead body killed by weevilsbut the estate agent is the person who ... Read More »