Does Oram Plus for gum disease really work?

Answer On One Hand: No Miracle CureOram Plus cannot cure gum disease. In early 2010, one website offering Oram Plus added this disclaimer to the bottom of its home page: "These statements have not been ev... Read More »

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If work gives me long term disability insurance and I get chronic kidney disease but don't go on dialysis until after I leave work can I make a claim?

Premedical condition Yes, unfortunately it is. From my experience of trying to get insurance following a heart attack, they are particularly interested in whether you have your angina under control... Read More »

Does neprinol work on Peyronie's disease?

On One Hand: Neprinol is Physician-endorsedDr. Theodore R. Herazy of the Peyronie's Disease Institute (PDI) endorses neprinol as a good treatment for Peyronie's sufferers. He states that neprinol b... Read More »

Does hydrocortisone work on fifth disease rash?

On One Hand: Hydrocortisone Can Relieve ItchingHydrocortisone creams may relieve the itching associated with fifth disease rash, which is a viral illness. Nonprescription antihistamines may also re... Read More »

Can blood work prove bipolar disease?

On One Hand: Blood Tests are Used in Bipolar DiagnosisDiagnosticians commonly employ lab tests including blood work when trying to diagnose bipolar disorder. These may include, according to Medline... Read More »