Does Oram Plus for gum disease really work?

Answer On One Hand: No Miracle CureOram Plus cannot cure gum disease. In early 2010, one website offering Oram Plus added this disclaimer to the bottom of its home page: "These statements have not been ev... Read More »

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Does Hair Plus Shampoo really work?

On One Hand: Clinical TestsAccording to its official reseller, As Seen on TV, clinical trials prove that Hair Plus Shampoo increases hair growth by over 100 percent within a 28-day period. Other cl... Read More »

Does the Batteryminder Plus actually work?

On One Hand: Product Does Its JobThe Batteryminder Plus advertises the ability to maintain the charge of your 12-volt lead acid battery regardless of size or brand. The device has received largely ... Read More »

Sky plus - how does series link work ?

all you need to do is flick through the listings until you find the programme you want, press select and it will take you to the planner page.then press the record (r) button and then the green bu... Read More »

Does an Asprin a day really reduce the risk of Heart Disease?

Talk with your doctor. It doesn't reduce the risk of "heart disease" per se. It reduces the chances of your blood clotting and thus can reduce the chance of having a heart attack. But this comes... Read More »