Does OneNote cost money?

Answer According to Microsoft, the suggested retail price for their OneNote 2007 product is $99.95. The MSRP for an upgrade is $79.95. Both can be bought on Microsoft's official website, and a free trial ... Read More »

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How much does it cost to get in to the next star like how much money does it cost?

It is simply not possible for us to travel to the nearest star. It is much too far away and far beyond our present technology.

Does youtube cost money.if it does can someone make me oneusername-naruto877 pasword-naruto?

You just gave out your user name and password. You need to make up a new one now!

Does it cost an money to run an iPhone 4S?

Yes. With calls and the electricity for charging it text and Internet usage.

Does Bluetooth cost money to use?

Bluetooth technology does not cost money to use. However, you will need to purchase a Bluetooth compatible device in order to use Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth wireless is a short-range communica... Read More »