Does Ohio Report Non-Resident Traffic Convictions?

Answer Most states have reciprocal agreements or compacts with other states in regard to sharing traffic violations. Whether or not a non-resident ticket is reported depends on the state in which the driv... Read More »

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What does"disregard traffic control"mean on a traffic report?

The phrase "disregard traffic control" on a traffic report means failing to follow a device that has given you instructions. This would be considered a driver error. Examples would be running a red... Read More »

Ohio Traffic Laws for Minors?

Most teens look forward to the day when they can drive. With the privilege of driving comes responsibility. Minors need to know and follow more laws than adult drivers. These laws are designed to k... Read More »

Traffic Laws in Hamilton, Ohio?

Traffic laws are designed to keep motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists safe. However, as laws vary from state to state, it is important to know the rules before venturing out. Many of the traffic ... Read More »

Ohio Air Traffic Control Schools?

All air traffic controllers, or ATCs, in the United States are certified by and employees of the Federal Aviation Authority. Training takes place at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City. Thirty-seven p... Read More »