Does Norton Antivirus slow your computer down?

Answer Yes, it made my computer very slow and unstable. It wiped out all of my email also. You should remove it immediately. I highly recommend McAfee. Your computer will not slow down, and it is very saf... Read More »

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I want an antivirus that do not slow down my Ativius slows down my pc upto 30%?

Best AVs on the market (as an IT and digital arts teacher, have given most a run for their money)Free - AVG (better than many paid-for AV's)Paid-for: Symantec Corporate (is available to anyone via ... Read More »

How do I remove the Norton AntiVirus program from a computer?

Open the "Start" menu and go to "Control Panel", then select "Add or Remove Programs". Find Norton AntiVirus in the list of programs and click it to highlight the program. Click "Remove" to uninsta... Read More »

Where does Norton antivirus software reside in a computer?

Norton antivirus software resides on a computer's hard drive, also known as the C drive. To delete programs, such as Norton, from the hard drive, use the Control Panel's Add/Delete function or manu... Read More »

Why does Norton slow a computer down?

Norton antivirus slows down a computer because it will try to use the majority of your computer's systems to run checks and install updates. The settings that users establish will often be overridd... Read More »