Does Noel Fielding have any siblings?

Answer yes a brother called mike he plays naboo in the mighty boosh

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What city does Noel Fielding live in?

Where can you buy those silver shiny shoes that noel fielding wears?

Where can you buy the Kiss jacket which Noel Fielding is wearing during the mighty boosh live DVD?

I would love this jacket so much.But I Think he designed it himself I'm afraid.Noel designs most of his clothes, and either helps make them or gets someone else to make them.I think that's what hap... Read More »

Do You Get an RBI on a Fielding Error?

An RBI, or run batted in, is awarded to a player who successfully brings home a runner currently on base with a hit, walk or sacrifice. Occasionally, a batter will earn an RBI on for a play during ... Read More »