Does Nivea q10 skin firm lotion work?

Answer On One Hand: Nivea Is a Recognized Beauty Products CorporationNivea is a corporation well-known for its beauty products. The Nivea q10 product line are skin-firming lotions purported to reduce the ... Read More »

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Do Nivea cellulite patches work?

On One Hand: There Is No EvidenceAccording to Your Cellulite Solution, no extensive scientific research has gone into validating the claims or efficacy of any cellulite patch, including the one fro... Read More »

Does it puts the lotion on the skin?

No. It puts the lotion in the basket. Then it does a little kookie dance whilst making a mangina.

How Does Body Lotion Help the Skin?

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Why does my skin burn after lotion..?

CALL TEH DAMNED DERMATOLOGIST. The meds could be too strong for you or you might have an allergy to some ingredient.ANY time you have a reaction to medicine the doc gave you, call the office and d... Read More »