Does Netgear use DHCP?

Answer Dynamic Host Configuration Protocal (DHCP) is networking protocol used by hosts or servers to retrieve IP address assignments. Some Netgear routers act as DHCP servers. If you do not want to use DH... Read More »

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How to Find Your IP on Netgear DHCP?

Many Internet providers use dynamic addressing to assign an Internet Protocol (IP) address. When a modem is connected directly to your computer, you can quickly find the assigned IP address in Wind... Read More »

My router WNDR4000 netgear is set up, but i need to login and enable wifi. But wont open! Help?

try typing either or in the browser instead of and see if it opens the routers set up page, the username will be admin and the password will be password

How to Set Up a DHCP in Ubuntu?

In most wired networking configurations, your computer should be configured to obtain its IP address from your network switch or router automatically. If you are unable to browse the Web over an Et... Read More »

How to Configure DHCP in Your PC?

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is the configuration of your Internet Protocol (IP) address, subnet mask, DNS servers, domain name suffix and about 200 other possible options to let your... Read More »