Does NetZero email work with Blackberry?

Answer Yes. According to AT&T Wireless, you can access NetZero email on Blackberries in two ways. You can configure the RIM Blackberry Internet Service or a Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)-enabled RIM... Read More »

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Does Limewire work with Netzero?

Limewire works with Netzero. Like all virus protection programs, Netzero might block Limewire from establishing a connection with your computer, so it's best you open Netzero yourself and configure... Read More »

Does NetZero dial-up work with a DSL modem?

No, NetZero's dial-up service is not compatible with a DSL modem. You must have a 56k or V.92 modem in order to connect to NetZero's dial-up service. However, NetZero also offers NetZero DSL, which... Read More »

Does NetZero Internet work with T-Mobile home phones?

T-Mobile phones with Internet capability can access NetZero accounts over the Internet. For example, T-Mobile phones with wireless Internet receivers, such as the HTC-Droid or the Samsung Behold II... Read More »

Does a BlackBerry work with a Mac?

BlackBerry phones work with Macintosh computers. The phone needs version 4.2 or later of the BlackBerry operating system, and the Mac needs Mac OS 10.5.5 and iTunes 7.7.1. Download the BlackBerry D... Read More »