Does NetZero dial-up work with a DSL modem?

Answer No, NetZero's dial-up service is not compatible with a DSL modem. You must have a 56k or V.92 modem in order to connect to NetZero's dial-up service. However, NetZero also offers NetZero DSL, which... Read More »

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Does magicJack work with a dial up modem on a PC?

MagicJack does not work on a personal computer (PC) with a dial-up modem, because dial-up Internet service does not have the adequate speed or bandwidth for the service. MagicJack requires Internet... Read More »

Will a wireless router work with a dial-up modem?

It is not possible to use a standard broadband wireless router with a dial-up modem. There are wireless routers that do work with dial-up modems, but they are relatively scarce. In these situations... Read More »

Hooking up a laptop with NO dial up modem to dial up?

You should be able to get a lead from your electronics store that will link your Dell with the moden for your other PC dear.

How fast is Netzero dial up?

NetZero is an Internet service provider company in the United States and Canada. They offer accelerated dial-up and DSL/Broadband connections. The speeds of the accelerated dial-up will vary, but i... Read More »