Does Neptune rotate clockwise?

Answer No, Neptune does not rotate clockwise. A time-lapsed animation constructed from images taken by the Hubble Telescope and the Infrared Telescope Facility in Hawaii, courtesy of Read More »

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How to Rotate the Belt Tensioner Clockwise?

Vehicles that use a serpentine belt also use an automatic belt tensioner. The belt tensioner is spring-loaded and holds tension on the belt via the spring. The top of the pulley is smooth, so the t... Read More »

My daughter has managed to rotate the image on the screen clockwise 90 degrees how do i restore this ?

Use the buttons on the monitor itself. Its one of the configurations is that you can turn the image.Depends on the monitor so I will not attempt to explain it step by step. But look through the dif... Read More »

My computer screen (desktop and all windows) rotate by 90 degree to the left(anti-clockwise). What shall I do?

Ctrl Alt Up arrow right side upCtrl Alt Right arrow 90 degreesCtrl Alt Down arrow 180 degreesCtrl Alt Left arrow 270 degreesAlternate key combination(Ctrl Shift R)

Which way does Neptune rotate?

Viewed from the North Pole of Neptune, the planet rotates in a counterclockwise direction, termed direct rotation. This is the same direction as the other planets in the solar system with the excep... Read More »