Does National Geographic use digital cameras?

Answer Photographers at National Geographic use digital cameras to take photos. Digital cameras allow photographers to take high-quality pictures in different lighting settings and environments without ha... Read More »

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What does the National Geographic Society call the longest river in the world?

According to the National Geographic Society, the Nile is still the longest river in the world at 4,240.8 miles long. There has been some contention as to whether the Amazon might be longer based o... Read More »

How does a Sony digital cybershot camera differ from Sonys other digital cameras?

Sony digital cybershots are different because they have a bigger lense and can zoom in farther and make images look better zoomed in. They also take steadier pictures. And if you want some more inf... Read More »

Who owns National Geographic?

National Geographic magazine is owned by the National Geographic Society. The television channels are jointly owned by News Corp. and the National Geographic Society. News Corp. owns 67 percent of ... Read More »

Why do national geographic photographers use....?

They do not consider digital photgrahpy as art, and they consider themselves artists.