Does NVIDIA GT 520 Graphics card work for Dayz?

Answer Day Z is an ARMA 2 mod. The GT 520 is much to slow to run ARMA 2 effectively. For that game, you're going to want at least a Radeon 5770/6770 or GeForce GTX 460 or GTX 550ti, preferably something f... Read More »

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Can you use a Nvidia graphics card& also a Radeon card in the same computer?

ATI and Nvidia cards cannot be used simultaneously in the same computer. Two identical Nvidia cards can be linked together with SLI technology, which is not supported by ATI. ATI uses Crossfire to ... Read More »

What will be the best Graphics Card to SLI with Nvidia GTS 250?

That'd be a waste on a newer card, you'd have to SLi with another 250.At this point it may be worth ditching the 250 and going with a decent single card such as a 660 Ti or 7870.You may also be abl... Read More »

Nvidia Graphics Card?

you can find out all your quires in any of the following (considering you are an Indian)just go the support or help column and they will guide you w... Read More »

Nvidia Graphics card help on Linux?

Unfortunately you do not indicate which distro. you are working with.However here is the Official Ubuntu Nvidia Documentation…LUg.