Does NJ Manufacturers Insure trampolines?

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Do insurance companies insure homes with trampolines?

Some may but in general they are considered exposures to risk and will be excluded or your coverage may even be canceled. You will need to speak with an agent or agencies in order to find a company... Read More »

How to Rebound on Trampolines?

Rebounding is simply full-bodied movement, or cellular movement, on a mini-trampoline. Easier on the knees and ankles than jogging, rebounding strengthens and detoxifies the body, increases flexibi... Read More »

Does Costco have trampolines?

As of June 2010, Costco sold a Jump Sport brand trampoline with its fitness and exercise equipment at its online store. The products offered by Costco can vary over time and not every store stocks ... Read More »

How much do trampolines cost?

According to Toys R Us, in 2010 a 12-foot round trampoline cost $224.99. With a safety enclosure, the trampoline cost $299.99. A smaller, 8-foot round trampoline cost $129.99, and a large, 17-foot ... Read More »