Does My Spouse Legally Get Part of My Tax Return?

Answer When filing a joint tax return, you and your spouse list your combined income and deduct your combined allowable expenses on a single return. This allows you to take advantage of tax benefits the I... Read More »

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Can an employer legally deny coverage for a spouse if the spouse's employer offers health insurance and the spouse is pregnant?

Does a Legally Separated Spouse Have Any Claim to Term Life Insurance?

The issue of life insurance benefits between married couples has long been a topic of controversy and confusion, especially when the couple separates or divorces. Since life insurance directly rela... Read More »

If you divorce the spouse is his child still legally YOUR step child although YOU never legally adopted the child?

No, if the spuse you divorced adopted the children or they are his/her own, he/she gets possession of them by law, unless he/she is unable to care for them.

How do I become legally separated from a spouse?

Legal Separation Filing with the CourtVisit the county court where you and your spouse currently reside in person or on-line and obtain a packet that contains forms to file for a legal separation. ... Read More »