Does Motorcycle Exhaust Improve Fuel?

Answer Yes, it can. Improving the flow of spent exhaust gas can generate more power with the same amount of fuel. Whether you actually get improved fuel efficiency depends on how you ride after the exhaus... Read More »

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Does a quality exhaust system improve horsepower?

On One Hand: Exhaust Flow Equals PowerEngines burn fuel on the presence of oxygen to make power; the more fuel the engine can burn, the more power it will make. After burning, the air/fuel mixture ... Read More »

Motorcycle exhaust maker/needed for motorcycle custom?

Given that a one-off exhaust system will be much, much more expensive than buying one off the shelf (like a Paughco system), here are a few dealers that may be able to help:Route 66 Motorcycles.Thu... Read More »

Does heating fuel improve mpg?

According to an Aug. 26, 2007, article in the Washington Post, when vaporized fuel is properly mixed with air, it burns more efficiently, saving fuel and emitting fewer pollutants than traditional ... Read More »

Does adding hydrogen to a gasoline engine improve fuel economy?

Adding hydrogen to gasoline could improve fuel economy, but only with specially designed engine, according to the Green Car Congress. Putting hydrogen in a regular internal combustion engine would ... Read More »