Does Monera Contain a Cell Wall?

Answer Kingdom Monera includes all bacteria, and bacteria can be divided into the Archaeans and the Eubacteria. These single-celled organisms share many similar characteristics, such as a single circular ... Read More »

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Do monera cells have cell walls?

All bacteria of the kingdom monera are single-cell organisms and have cell walls. Monera cells reproduce asexually by binary fission, which only increases their population, and not their genetic va... Read More »

How much mitochondria does a human cell contain?

Mitochondria are the cell's power producers; they convert energy into forms that are usable by the cell. The amount of mitochondria each human cell contains is dependent on the cell's function. The... Read More »

How many autosomes does a normal human cell contain?

A normal human cell has 22 pairs or 44 individual autosomes. An autosome can contain between 750 and 2,800 genes. The autosomes are chromosomes that do not determine the sex of the offspring.Refere... Read More »

How many chromosomes does a human body cell contain in anaphase?

Human body cells originally have 23 chromosomes. These chromosomes make copies of themselves. Consequently, when cell division begins and progresses through its stages of prophase, metaphase and an... Read More »