Does Mitsubishi Motors in North America pay UAW pensions?

Answer Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America offers a UAW (United Auto Workers) pension for its employees, according to As of December 2009, the phone number to contact regarding ... Read More »

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Who owns Mitsubishi Motors?

Mitsubishi Motors is a corporation, which is not privately owned, and was established on April 22, 1970. Since June 19, 2008, Takashi Nishioka has been the President and the Board of Management con... Read More »

How to Remove Mitsubishi Window Motors?

Accessing the window motors in your car is relatively simple and can be done in a couple hours, saving you from having to pay a mechanic's hourly rate. With just a few simple tools and a little bi... Read More »

Does a subduction earthquake along western coast of South America increase or decrease the likelihood of a similar earthquake along the west coast of North America?

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How to Call the UK from North America?

Please see below on how to dial the United Kingdom from anywhere in the USA.