Does Milk makes you FART a lot?

Answer I was just going to ask this question because I am really gassy. I havent drank milk in probably over 2 months, and then yesterday I had cereal and about 2 cups of milk and the same this morning a... Read More »

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Eating what kind of food makes your fart smell the worst?

I try not to smell my farts after so I don't know, never mind trying to smell them to fiqure them out

Soy Milk Makes Your Boobs Bigger. Believe It Or Not.?

No matter what anyone says, uncooked soy = phytoestrogens [even if its plant/mimic estrogens]+ growing youth in puberty stage = hormone imbalance = growths.

Can anyone tell me the difference between cow milk, soy milk, almond milk and rice milk?

YesCow milk tastes like milk, the rest are merely scam imitations, rather than direct substitutes. It's like calling Mountain Dew, milk.

What makes a plant grow faster if watered by coffee soda milk or orange juice?

your plant will not grow because the watered by a juices, plant needs water and oxygen ans sunlight and soil. For More Information Visit My FaceBook if im on-line chat or send massage me thank youF... Read More »