Does Microcenter charge you to build computers?

Answer Of course they will charge you. Think about when you go to get your car repaired. They charge you for parts and labor. Putting your machine together for you is a service, one you will be charged... Read More »

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Do computers charge things plugged into them?

yes, depending on what it is and what type of cable

Should I build and Sell Custom Gaming Computers?

If you feel you can get an edge on the competition ... sure... go for it.Examine what's out there before diving in head first. Analyze a PC you think you can build better & cheaper.... look at the ... Read More »

Is it worth it to build computers from scratch or just buy premade?

You could easily save hundreds of dollars building your own system. The thing is, you won't. You'll look at the cheap parts, but you'll end up going with the best you can afford.Where you'll save... Read More »

I am 15. Is it normal for me to know how to build computers and create programs?

you sound like a genius. although it may not be normal for other teenagers, its normal for you and that is what counts.