Does Michelin Own BF Goodrich?

Answer The Michelin Group, known officially as Manufacture Française des Pneumatiques Michelin, owns the trade name BFGoodrich. BFGoodrich is an autonomous corporation under the umbrella of the Michelin ... Read More »

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Does Michelin make BF Goodrich tires?

Michelin manufactures BF Goodrich tires. After a business merger of Uniroyal and BF Goodrich Tire in the mid 1980s, Michelin purchased the Uniroyal-Goodrich Tire Co. in 1989, making it the largest ... Read More »

What does BF in BF Goodrich stand for?

The letters in BF Goodrich stand for Benjamin Franklin, the founder of BF Goodrich Company. He began his business making hoses for firefighters and bicycle tires. After he died, the company created... Read More »

What does the B.F. in BF Goodrich stand for?

The B.F. in BF Goodrich stands for Benjamin Franklin. No, not that Benjamin Franklin, but the founder of BF Goodrich tires. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich, born in 1841, started BF Goodrich Corporation... Read More »

How to Find the Age of BF Goodrich Tires?

While the most important safety issue of any automobile tires is tread wear, another safety issue is the calendar age of the tire. According to BF Goodrich, tires should not be used, no matter what... Read More »