How to Rule the School Like Meredith?

Answer Do you want to rule the school like Meridith from Bratz? Then read this! This method works in elementary school or middle school and will take you a while...

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How to Conquer the School Like Meredith in Bratz?

Did you like the way Meredith ran the school in Bratz? Do you want that power? Well then read this!This will take a while.YOU WILL BE NICE-BECAUSE ITS HARD TO GET PEOPLE TO LIKE YOU IF YOURE MEAN.

How to Look Like Meredith from the Bratz Movie?

Meredith is a beautiful and spoiled teen, she gets everything she wants and has the most amazing hair and clothes. Read on to learn how to be like her.

Episode 15 Run How much money does Nathan give Meredith in order to keep her quiet about their daughter in order to protect his image just weeks before the election?

Favourite meredith grey quote?

In Death and all his friends, When she's telling the gunman, (can't think of his name) as he's pointing the gun at Derek on the operating table, she runs in and says Shoot me, Shoot me. I'm the clo... Read More »