Does Medicare cover weight loss surgeries?

Answer According to, Medicare may cover up to 80 percent of some weight loss surgeries such as bariatric or lap band surgery. However, you must meet certain criteria, including; having a bod... Read More »

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Does medicaid cover weight loss surgery?

On One Hand: Weight Loss SurgeryAmong the types are restrictive banding surgery, biliopancreatic diversion and gastric bypass. Each method of surgery carries its own set of risks. Restrictive bandi... Read More »

Does insurance cover eye surgeries?

If they are medically necessary, like cataract surgery, yes. If they are not - like vision correction surgeries - no.

Does phentermine work well for weight loss Fat loss to be specific?

Phentermine is a wonderful weight loss product. After my wife delivered our child, she started working out, exercising, and she was also supplementing with phentermine. She lost alot of fat in a fa... Read More »

What can I drink to loss weight I want to loss 20 pounds in less then a month?

20 lbs. in one month isn't very likely... plus it's not healthy.I believe that a juice cleanse or a raw food diet would be the best way to go and it's the quickest way to lose weight. The raw veget... Read More »