Does Medicare cover lidocaine cream?

Answer In 2010, Medicare covers lidocaine cream (topical) as part of its prescription drug coverage. Medicare is a U.S. government-provided health plan for persons 65 and older. People under 65 with certa... Read More »

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Does Medicare cover RX eyeglasses?

Medicare covers prescription eyeglasses only in the case that you have had cataract surgery, and specifically only when an intraocular lens was used and put into your eye. Otherwise, Medicare does ... Read More »

Does Medicare Cover Podiatrists?

Medicare covers some podiatric services, depending on your health. Routine foot care is not covered, unless you have one of the following conditions: diabetes, peripheral neuropathy or chronic thro... Read More »

Does Medicare cover glucerna?

Glucerna is both a vitamin supplement and available over-the-counter, therefore Medicare Part D will not cover it. Medicare Part D law excludes any Part D plan from covering drugs or supplements th... Read More »

Does Medicare cover Viagra?

According to the official government site for Medicate, Viagra may be covered under its Prescription Drug Plan Part D, which states that people experiencing financial hardship or those who earn les... Read More »