Does Medicare cover disc decompression?

Answer Chiropractors perform most disc decompression procedures. Private insurance plans may reimburse for some of these services, but not Medicare. Medicare covers only chiropractic adjustments, and does... Read More »

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Does Medicare pay for back decompression and neck traction?

Most spinal decompression and neck traction facilities are run by chiropractors. Medicare does pay for chiropractic adjustments; however, they only pay about $30 for the decompression treatment, ac... Read More »

Does Medicare cover braces?

Medicare almost never pays for dental procedures, according to However, you could get Medicare to cover your dental braces if you can prove they are a medical necessity, suc... Read More »

Does Medicare cover dentists?

In general, Medicare does not cover dental services unless they are an essential part of recovery from another injury, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. You could, for ex... Read More »

Does Medicare cover Viagra?

According to the official government site for Medicate, Viagra may be covered under its Prescription Drug Plan Part D, which states that people experiencing financial hardship or those who earn les... Read More »