Does Medicaid cover Adderall?

Answer Every state's Medicaid plan includes Adderall and its generic equivalent in their prescription drug formulary. However, dosage and pill count restrictions are common, so coverage may be rejected or... Read More »

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Will my medicaid cover my Adderall Prescription Costs?

Unfortunately it won't. You should be able to find a .pdf of the covered medications on the Medicaid website for the state you have it through. I have it in Illinois and I have to purchase generic ... Read More »

What does medicaid cover?

Answer to Does Medicaid cover braces It was asked does Medi-caid cover braces. In certain situations medi-caid will cover braces. Each state has different guidelines for what is considered medicall... Read More »

Does Medicaid cover dentures?

Medicaid typically covers dentures and services related to realignment, fitting and repair. While Medicare does not pay for routine dental at all, Medicaid will pay as long as the patient qualifies... Read More »

Does Medicaid cover DNA testing?

According to, Medicaid does not cover DNA testing because it is not considered a medically necessary procedure. However, many DNA testing facilities offer payment plans or discounts f... Read More »