Does Madi Dal freeze well?

Answer It does freeze well but may become a bit watery when defrosted, just warm slowly when you do to get rid of the moisture freezing can add, even slow microwave warming will reduce the moisture in also

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Does leftover turkey freeze well?

Freezing leftover turkey can be an excellent way to save your leftovers from Thanksgiving or other family meals. According to, turkey must be frozen within two hours of coming out of... Read More »

Does fresh squeezed lemon juice freeze well?

One to two tablespoons of lemon juice can be added to the slots of ice cube trays and frozen for later use in recipes. Simply thaw before use. Smaller amounts of lemon juice can also be frozen to a... Read More »

Does anyone know for sure if its possible for a foot valve on a water well to freeze up?

It could be that as long as the water was moving, even if only occasionally, the well would not freeze but because the pump was out the water was unmoving long enough for it to freeze. I'd suggest... Read More »

Meals that freeze really well?

Congratulations!So there are ton of recipes and meal ideas for freezing meals, I am going to give you a couple of sites that may help you. All you have to do is Google freezing meals, freezing mea... Read More »