Does MSN use chat logger?

Answer Chat logger is a type software, not a product name, used for spying on IM chats. Independent chat logger software can be used with all major IM clients: MSN, ICQ, AOL and Yahoo. MSN also has built-... Read More »

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Does facebook chat have chat logs?

No, Facebook Chat does not have chat logs. If you want to get them I recommend downloading a social networking tool called Scrapboy (that is available as an app on Facebook). It stores all your c... Read More »

Does being a logger in the Amazon pay well?

On One Hand: The Pay Is LowDespite the fact that the average log from a tree in the Amazon will result in $128,000 after it has been turned into furniture, a logger in the Amazon does not reap the ... Read More »

Does aim have chat rooms and how do you get in the chat rooms ?

Add your name to your buddy list, highlight your screen name, then press alt+c and type what chat room you want to enter where it says room name. Chats that are popular include: "Chat, Chat1, Chat2... Read More »

Where online can you chat for free, besides Yahoo! Chat?

If you have a myspace profile,the chatrooms are free.