Does Lucy keep the baby in eastenders?

Answer no she decides to have an abortion because she can not cope with being pregnant. Her and ian lie to Jane and tell her she had a miscarriage

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On the old 'I Love Lucy' series what did Lucy and Ricky name their baby?

They named him Little Ricky. In fact the episode in which Lucy gives birth, "Lucy Goes to the Hospital," first aired on January 19, 1953. To increase the publicity of this episode, the original air... Read More »

Has Roxy off eastenders had a baby?

Yes, she has got a baby she is called Amy.

Can you watch Roxy's Baby be born in EastEnders?

What names did Lucy and ricky consider for their baby?

They considered quite a few names, actually Lucy considered quite a few names. I believe if you watch the Episode "Pregnant Women are Unpredictable" they say all the names. It may not be that episo... Read More »