Does Lucas fuel treatment work?

Answer On One Hand: Fuel Treatments Boost Fuel EfficiencyAccording to the Federal Trade Commission, advertisers claim to increase fuel efficiency and engine cleanliness through products such as ignition d... Read More »

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Are Lucas Fuel Oil Additives Safe?

Lucas is a provider of oil products, including fuel and oil additives. Some question whether it is safe to use these products for extended periods of time.

How well does treatment for depression work?

Depression is a serious psychological disorder that many people suffer with needlessly. Depression can be treated, but the effectiveness of the treatment depends on a number of different factors.Ty... Read More »

Does the Center for Breath Treatment work?

On One Hand: Leading Bad Breath CenterThe Center for Breath Treatment was one of the first bad breath centers established in the United States. Positive reviews of this treatment center date back t... Read More »

Does Phototherapy Treatment Work for Acne?

Medical experts use phototherapy, exposure to ultraviolet rays for therapeutic purposes, in the treatment of premature infants and patients suffering from seasonal disorders. It has also been used ... Read More »