Does Lipton Brisk Iced Tea have caffeine in it?

Answer Lipton Brisk Iced Tea, a bottled flavored beverage, contains caffeine. Strawberry Melon, included in the Lipton Brisk line, but not labeled "tea," does not have caffeine. According to the Pepsi Pro... Read More »

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Does lipton white tea have caffeine?

AnswerAccording to this Pepsico website white tea with raspberry has 13 mg of caffeine per 8 fluid ounces

Does Lipton mixed berry tea have caffeine in it?

Lipton's Mixed Berry Green Tea contains caffeine. According to Lipton, a cup of the tea has 20 mg caffeine when the tea bag has been left steeping for 2 to 3.5 minutes. By contrast, a cup of black ... Read More »

Does diet lipton green tea with citrus have caffeine?

On One Hand: All Tea Contains CaffeineLipton Diet Green Tea with Citrus contains 12 mg of caffeine per eight oz. of tea. The average bottle, sold in retail and grocery stores, comes in 16-oz. bottl... Read More »

Does Diet Snapple Iced Tea have caffeine?

According to the Snapple company, the only Diet Snapple beverage that does not contain caffeine is the Cranberry Raspberry variety. Other flavors, including Diet Peach Tea, Diet Green Tea and Diet ... Read More »