Does Linux have parental controls?

Answer Parental Control GUI (see"Resources") is currently the best way to enact parental control in the world of Linux. This Graphical Unit Interface (GUI) is a temporary parental control system meant to ... Read More »

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Does iphone internet have parental controls?

The original Iphone did not include an Internet parental control feature. Beginning with OS 3.0 versions of the Iphone, however, you can access Internet parental controls by selecting "Settings," t... Read More »

Does Yahoo! Internet have parental controls?

Yes, Yahoo! does offer parental controls; you just need to know where to look. It's called "Rogers Yahoo," and is directly at (see References). You need to download the protection, ... Read More »

Does Knology Internet have parental controls?

Knology Internet offers parental controls. Knology NetSafe allows parents or an administrator to set up filters to screen sites for children. NetSafe Plus offers enhanced controls, such as remote m... Read More »

Does the windows phone 8 have internet parental controls?

You can install a third-party parental control software like mobile nanny on your phone to help you block those unwanted sites.