Does Linksys work with a Mac?

Answer Linksys wireless routers are compatible with the Mac operating system. Although the installation CD that came with your Linksys router may not be compatible with your Mac, you can setup the router ... Read More »

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Does a Linksys WRT 150 work with a Mac?

The Linksys WRT150 router does work with a Macintosh. Set up the router's SSID (network name) and wireless password via the router's web interface. Save the settings, then click on the Airport ic... Read More »

Does Linksys work with Macintosh?

Yes, a Linksys wireless router can work on Windows and Mac computers. The difference is that you cannot use the CD provided with the router. You must configure the TCP/IP settings for the Mac to ma... Read More »

How does a Linksys switch work?

A Linksys network switch is used to connect multiple devices to the same network. It is an integral part of a network because it allows computers to share resources, such as printers and hard drive... Read More »

Does Linksys wireless G work with Linksys wireless N?

Linksys wireless G will work with Linksys wireless N. Wireless N is backwards compatible with wireless G. However, the network will only function at wireless G speeds (maximum 54 Mbps).References... Read More »