Does Limewire work with Netzero?

Answer Limewire works with Netzero. Like all virus protection programs, Netzero might block Limewire from establishing a connection with your computer, so it's best you open Netzero yourself and configure... Read More »

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Can NetZero DSL work for PS3?

The Sony PS3 can be connected to any high-speed Internet service, including NetZero DSL. All you need is a wireless router (for wireless connectivity) or a router with multiple Ethernet ports. Once... Read More »

Does NetZero dial-up work with a DSL modem?

No, NetZero's dial-up service is not compatible with a DSL modem. You must have a 56k or V.92 modem in order to connect to NetZero's dial-up service. However, NetZero also offers NetZero DSL, which... Read More »

Will NetZero DSL work with Xbox Live?

NetZero DSL can be used to connect an Xbox 360 to the Xbox Live service. Any DSL or high-speed Internet connection can be used to do this. Dial-up connections cannot be used to connect to Xbox Live... Read More »

Does NetZero email work with Blackberry?

Yes. According to AT&T Wireless, you can access NetZero email on Blackberries in two ways. You can configure the RIM Blackberry Internet Service or a Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)-enabled RIM... Read More »