Does Lifting Weights Make Your Bladder Fall?

Answer On One Hand: Heavy WeightliftingA prolapsed bladder, which means you have weak pelvic floor muscles and ligaments that allow your bladder to sink, can be caused by repeated heavy lifting, according... Read More »

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Does lifting weights stun your growth?

It depends what excercises you do. For example squats are so bad for you. As you are not fully grown yet and squats suppress your spine preventing you from growing as much. However working with dum... Read More »

Do lifting weights affect your ability to make 10 foul shots?

On One Hand: Improving StrengthYou can achieve different types of strength by lifting weights. You should focus on improving your absolute strength in order to increase overall muscle power. Liftin... Read More »

Does lifting weights cause a rupture?

On One Hand: Weightlifting May Cause a RuptureA rupture is when a muscle is torn from the bone by trying to lift a load that is beyond the limit of the muscle. This can happen in weightlifting, esp... Read More »

Does lifting weights raise glucose levels?

On One Hand: Sustained Exercise Lowers Glucose LevelsIf you partake in an exercise such as weight lifting for more than 90 minutes, your blood glucose concentration will decrease, according to the ... Read More »