Does Levitra (vardenafil) always work?

Answer On One Hand: Nothing Always WorksNo treatment is 100 percent effective 100 percent of the time. Due to the extreme complexity of sexual arousal and reproductive function, this is even more true fo... Read More »

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Does levitra really work?

On One Hand: Clinical StudiesLevitra claims to help correct problematic erectile dysfunction in men. Levitra is a pill for users to take prior to the desire to have an erection. According to FDA cl... Read More »

Does lap band always work?

On One Hand: Lap Band Surgery Aids in Weight LossSuccessful lap band surgeries are proof that the procedure works. According to CNN, Patty Hill, a recent lap band patient from Massachusetts, lost 1... Read More »

Does Levitra cause headaches?

On One Hand: Levitra Can Cause HeadacheUsing vardenafil (brand-name Levitra), a medication for erectile dysfunction, can lead to headaches as a side effect, according to the Mayo Clinic and Medline... Read More »

Does diabetes always show up in blood work?

It depends on the test done. If you had a HbA1c (the memory sugar test) - this has now become diagnostic and is replacing a fasting glucose. This means that above a certain level all patients have ... Read More »