Does Leave in Conditioner Heal Split Ends?

Answer Split ends may seem inevitable, but there are ways to treat and prevent them. A split end occurs when one strand of hair split into several other strands, causing the ends of your hair to look dama... Read More »

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Solution for Split Ends by Using Conditioner & Flat Iron?

Damaged hair is vulnerable to developing split ends, or trichoptilosis, as they are officially called. There are numerous causes of split ends, including coloring and perm treatments, heating appli... Read More »

Can I mix extra virgin olive oil with my conditioner to prevent split ends?

Yes you can, but it can make your hair greasy.. You can put olive oil in your hair and let it soak for about an hour or over night then wash it out with shampoo! Works for me!(:

Cause of Split Ends?

Physicians have known that the brain consists of two halves as far back as 460-370 BC, although it wasn't until the 1860s that French neurologist Paul Broca discovered that the left side of the bra... Read More »

Why do you get split ends?

It means its time to get a trim you should get one every 4-6 weeks