Does LG Cinema 3D have only half the resolution of active 3D TVs?

Answer The passive technology of LG televisions splits 1080 lines to each eye equally. Although the full resolution is 1080, the perceived resolution is only 540 lines.

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What is the difference between active and passive 3D TVs and which one is Cinema 3D TV?

The main difference between active and passive 3D TVs is that active 3D TVs use shutter system and passive 3D TVs don't. Shutter system inserts a black frame after each image frame and the result i... Read More »

What technology is used in Cinema 3D TVs to make it different than other present active shutter glass TVs?

IPS technology is foremost that makes the difference, others are secondary.

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I bought LG 47LM6200 LED Tv, (cinema, smart tv) do I need to buy home theater to get cinema affect, just this?

The general consensus is that the sound is getting weaker as TVs are getting thinner and thinner, but I think we need to optimize your settings before making a decision. I have a lg tv from last ye... Read More »