Does Kumon suck to you?

Answer I agree, Kumon really sucks

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Compared to GOOGLE-Does yahoo suck or does it really suck *_*?

i see 26 answers may two or 3 like yahoo,if you hate it that badwhy use it? i see no problems,i like google too.i would make yahoomy home page ,but aol is my main isp provider so they are my hom... Read More »

Why does MTV suck?

Reality shows replaced all of the actual music i guess... i'd watch it more if they showed more Music TV than the one odd Danity Kane vid once in a while.listening to: Broken by Seether

So, does Wikipedia suck?

this is just an opinion and fact based site that the general public puts together. You cannot go their for ideas about politics, religion and other things like that. But for facts like, Music inf... Read More »


I worked at a store that sold NHT, Boston, M&K, Kef, Monitor, and Bose. I don't think any salesperson sold Bose to a customer who bothered to compare the sound of Bose to any of the other brands. T... Read More »