Does Kool Aid taste good or bad?

Answer Kool Aid comes sweetened and unsweetened. Are you using the unsweetened kind and not adding enough sugar? Actually, if you are importing a drink from the US, I would not recommend Kool Aid. It'... Read More »

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Does lobster taste good?

It depends on the restaurant. Lobster is so good on it's own that I can not imagine chopping it up to put in a filling for ravioli.If it is chunks of lobster it might be pretty good. If it is so c... Read More »

Does wine taste good?

How to Choose a Wine that Tastes Good - Some Tips for Selecting a WineStep 1: Decide if you want a white wine or red wine Decide whether you want a white wine, red wine, sparkling wine, dessert win... Read More »

Does Soy sauce taste any good?

it is. just don't put to much. what you should do is put a little at first and just mix it into the rice. add a little until you find the right amount that you like.

Why does my arm taste really good?

skin tastes pretty good, i kno cause i used to lick my fingers for some reason..... i dont really do it, but the very few and random times i have, it have to agree, it has a pretty nice flavor