Does Kensington Metropark allow metal detectors?

Answer According to Jena McLearon, Senior Secretary at Kensington Metropark, anyone who wishes to use a metal detector in the park must fill out an application and return it to the park office. There is n... Read More »

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Where is Kensington Metropark in Michigan?

Kensington Metropark is located at 2240 W. Buno Road in Milford, Michigan. The park is approximately a 45-minute drive west from Detroit. Kensington Metropark is also located on the 1,200-acre Kent... Read More »

Does titanium set off metal detectors?

It is possible for a metal detector to detect titanium under certain conditions. It depends on the amount of titanium, and the level of sensitivity of the detector. In the case of implants, detecti... Read More »

Does gold set off metal detectors?

Metal detectors sense all materials that conduct electricity. As Florida State University's Michael Davidson explains, detectors' electromagnetic fields induce currents in conductors. The conductor... Read More »

How harmful are metal detectors?

Almost no studies exist on the effects of mid-range electromagnetic frequencies used by metal detectors, but it seems unlikely they could cause any damage, according to Christopher J. Portier of th... Read More »