Does Justin Bieber was a baby?

Answer Justin Bieber was as cute as a baby as he is now so maybe I guess it true what they say some looks just dont change

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How much did Justin bieber weigh when he was a baby?

He weighed 1543.9 pounds being a very fat baby. He worked his fat off with popular singer Usher.

Is Justin bieber the father of Mariah Yeater's baby?

no justin bieber is not the father of her baby there are bad people and she is a stupid lyer!

Record - 'Baby' - Justin Bieber - 1 million dislikes?

Lol it's true. I just checked up. 519,376 likes, 1,011,060 dislikes And I checked wiki also, it IS his birthay today.. The little guy sure must have a rough time now

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Did you know that Daniel Radcliff thought Bieber was a girl when he first heard his songs? lol