Does Joanne Fabrics sell high density foam?

Answer Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts Store, a company with both brick-and-mortar stores and a strong online presence, sells high-density foam in the form of chair pads and ten-foot rolls. The chair pads measu... Read More »

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What is high density convoluted foam?

According to the University of Oklahoma, convoluted foam is foam that has a patterned surface (in contrast to more common flat surfaces). This is often seen on "eggcrate" mattress pads. High-densit... Read More »

What is the difference between low density&high density heating elements?

The density of a heating element in a water heater refers to the wattage of the element in relation to the amount of its surface area. As the elements density lowers, so does the temperature at whi... Read More »

Surfboard Foam Density?

Surfboard foam density measures the weight of one cubic foot of the foam in the surfboard. As foam density increases, a surfboard become harder and weighs more. Foam density depends on the size, ty... Read More »

What is the Density of Closed-Cell Foam?

The density of cell foam insulation is obtained by weighing a cubic foot of the foam material. Typically, closed-cell foam's density ranges from 1.7 lbs. per cubic feet to 2 lbs. per cubic feet.Sou... Read More »